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Steve Davies

I am a qualified level 3 coach and have been playing the sport competitively for many years and it was really my enjoyment of this that inspired First4Squash to grow and move into different areas. I believe that there is an appetite for squash in many communities and I am still amazed how quickly young kids take to the sport and enjoy it. However, the responsibility for developing this is with the coaches and clubs. It is very easy to focus on the elite end of the sport but without looking after the grass roots and keeping the numbers of people interested in and playing squash there is no one left to support the top end. I aim to be flexible and be able to deliver the right balance of sessions and with this in mind First4Squash really do cater for all levels of the sport.

Squash is unique in many ways and it is great that so many of the top players have not lost touch with the local clubs and the systems they came through. We have hosted events involving Peter Nicol, Nick Matthew, James Wilstrop, Daryl Selby, Tom Richards, Chris Ryder, Adrian Waller, Paul Carter and many more. What other sport do amateurs and enthusiasts get to have contact so easily with names like this!

As a player I started when I was 5 and have played squash competitively in tournaments and team matches from about the age of 12. I played football and cricket in equal measures and think this kept me fresh when it came to getting on court, I hate seeing kids getting burnt out and bored of the sport by the time they are 14 or 15. Juniors can easily be focused too much on winning and not enough on improving, I think I certainly was!

I enjoy putting on quality training camps, exhibitions, group coaching and individual coaching sessions and want to see those taking part enjoying it too. Without that the top players won’t reach their potential and the beginners will not stick at the sport. It is the skill of the coach to understand the players he is working with and get that balance right. It is also important that our players play the game in the right spirit and honestly. Picking up double bounces and begging for lets is not what First4Squash is all about!


Marc Woolhead

Having started playing squash at the age of 7 whilst tagging along with my dad to the squash club 2 or 3 times a week, it didn’t take me long to get hooked on our wonderful game. Within 3 years I was regularly playing junior tournaments up and down the country and, As a junior, I represented England at the home internationals and regularly travelled over to Europe to compete in tournaments.

Over the last few years I have played for teams in the Middlesex, Herts and Beds Premier Divisions and I’m proud to say I’ve won the league title in each county. I am also Herts county captain. As a player and captain we were British champions in 2009 and runners up in 2010 and 2011.

I am a level 2 qualified coach. I enjoy getting on court and teaching keen players and especially juniors learning the game.


Qaiser Malik

Having a late start to playing squash I was quickly addicted. I think there was always something about squash when I found myself hitting a tennis ball against a garage door at a young age by myself for hours. However playing many other sports at a club, county level through my teens I did not actually try out squash out till my early 20′s.

Eventually I was convinced to join a league and I have not looked back since. I just cannot get enough of it. Currently playing for Luton and Dunstable Beds League Team it is a sport which I have a great passion for.

As an experienced Business Development and Marketing Manager my aim is to ensure we uplift the quality of squash promotion and events ensuring we pay attention to detail to every single customer touchpoint in turn uplifting the profile of the sport whilst attracting quality sponsors and investment opportunities.



We have some great coaching programmes for you to choose whether you are a beginner or and advanced player.


A host of squash stars including Peter Nicol, Daryl Selby, Chris Ryder, Adrian Waller & Alison Waters head up our events and exhibitions.

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