What We Do

Thank you for wanting to know more about our organisation. Our aim is exactly what we say in our slogan “Bringing Squash to The Forefront.” Whether it is by showcasing World Class Professional players around the UK or grassroots programmes through schools and local clubs, we intend to ensure that Squash is showcased in a high quality, fun, exciting and entertaining atmosphere. Why you ask? It is because we are passionate about Squash! Our entire team are keen enthusiasts and play at many levels from club all the way through to county teams. We want to bring the same benefits we have had enjoying through squash to the wider UK community. How can we help you may ask? Well there is no idea too small or too big when it comes to the promotion of squash. Whether you want us to help you create a local coaching programme for the youth or all the way to large format glass court exhibitions, we have in-house expertise and the network of people to make it happen. Organising, event branding, sponsorship all the way to guest pro appearances and exhibition games – we can make it happen!


We have some great coaching programmes for you to choose whether you are a beginner or and advanced player.


A host of squash stars including Peter Nicol, Daryl Selby, Chris Ryder, Adrian Waller & Alison Waters head up our events and exhibitions.

Our Events

Find out more about our latest up and coming events.

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